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Imagine sitting in a waiting room without several others who are all wondering when they will be called.

Imagine the practitioner coming out to you without an intermediary barking your name and asking embarrassing questions.

Imagine not having to fear getting burned because our "Match Program"  is on par with most all of the major insurance programs.

Imagine walking out with your life changed by the skill and sensitivity of a practitioner with three decades of experience.

Imagine no more.

Welcome to HEARt where our name says it all. 


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Low/No-Cost Empire Plan Instruments


Real Patient Testimonies 

Awesome to hear at Proctor’s during ‘American in Paris’ and amazing to actually hear the words. Great to hear car blinker, windshield wipers and especially my grand babies.
— Gloria B. of Greenville

Heard during dinner at City Line Restaurant with loud television flatscreens and forty-foot ceilings.
— Grace C. of Delmar
We were at Outback Restaurant and I could hear my soft-spoken sister during dinner even though some guy behind me was talking really loud.
— Roy W. of Delmar

I have a profound hearing loss and my wife has not asked me to turn the T.V. down and the sounds are more natural - a big difference from my old aids.
— Richard Van H. of Berne
I love streaming phone calls direct to the instruments. I love technology - but I especially love not being aware of the technology working so well in the background.
— Gary H. of Delmar

Robert LaCosta has always been able to help my serious hearing problem. I am thankful for his great service.
— Louise J. of Slingerlands Beverwyck

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